Skintervention : Dealing with Heat Rash

Hi Guys! Today is the last of the Skintervention series . Series like this generally run for a month. So , with that being said , we will be looking at Heat Rash . I don't know about anybody else , but I usually get crazy heat rash at the onset of Summer . Below , you will find some tips that works for me as well as a professional one that work to help you deal with Heat Rash.

What is Heat Rash

A rash that appears on parts of the body , that is usually covered by clothing. These rashes are red or pink in general ( however if you have a darker skin tone , it will be the color of your skin).

How is it Caused ?

  1. When people dress too warmly in hot weather .
  2. When the sweat ducts become blocked , and eventually become swollen thereby causing discomfort and of course itching.

How to Control it

  1. Air Dry instead of using a towel . Your skin needs time to breath.
  2. Try to wear less clothing. I'm not telling you to go naked ,but if you wear an inside shirt , then a long sleeve shirt over that , maybe you could skip the inside shirt and roll the sleeves of the shirt.
  3. Use medicated Powder . I cannot tell you how auh mazing this is. Not only does it soothe the itching , but it smells so good. I'm currently using "Ammens Medicated Aloe Vera Powder" . They are generally inexpensive and can be found anywhere.
  4. Drink lots of  water!!!
The Professional Way 

Visit your Dermatologist if you've tried every method possible and you still have heat  Rash. It could be that you have another skin condition such as "eczema " , which you might think is Heat Rash. Its always good to get a Professional Consultation when it comes to matters of the skin.

Please , share any tips and advise you have as it relates to controlling Heat Rash. Oh! And my Jamaican Massive , its not called  EACH RASH !!! If you go to a Dr. and say you have "Each Rash" , they will look at you for a good 5 minutes trying to figure out what it is you are making reference to.

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