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Hi Guys ! I recently featured Rustico Natural which is an Etsy shop that manufacturers Vegan and Natural Products. I was sent some of these wonderful products by store owner Diana. I was told by Diana that i would start seeing results as early as a week and a half. I was advised by her to try to not mix the Natural products with the Commercial Products . I have to admit this was a little hard ( because i looooooooooove my bath and body works stuff ) but i stuck it out for two weeks and only used Natural Products :-))

Each Product came in small plastic "baggies" with labels. I must commend Diana for also including a little card about her company and also about the benefits of using Natural Products. That was a good little touch. It shows that she took the time out to inform and educate her customers , so that they will fall in love with Natural Products as much as she is :-)

Today I will be reviewing the following products:

Dead Sea Mud

I used this soap on my face and i really liked the results. I've always heard about "dead sea" bars and its "magical powers " and also  the way it cleanses the pores and removes all impurities. I can safely say that it does work. The results you get , would be like using a facial scrub, it truly removes dead skin and leaves your face smooth and clean and minimized my pores.

Spring Calendula

These are made from the actual "Calendula" Plant.  The thing about Calendula is that heat actually slows down their growth,but they survive better in  warm climates in Fall and Spring , hence the name. I used this as a facial soap ( on the 4th day) because its for sensitive skin . I like the fact that it was lightly scented and not too overpowering yet  gentle enough to be used everyday. Unfortunately , i have "Itchy Summer Skin" on some of the really hot days , and this really helped to sooth the itching as well as to keep my skin feeling "relaxed" and cool.

Goats Milk Soap

This was my designated "bath soap". On the wrapper , it had three uses... acne , complexion and shaving. I used it twice per day as recommended and i started to see results at the end of the week. My skin was softer and clearer ( i actually used all the products during my "girly time" , when i get a few breakouts) So its "tried and true". As for the shaving part , it gives a clean smooth shave without that weird "rough" feeling after. Obviously , you'd create a lather and shave. It is also infused with essential oils for the "ultimate pampering experience". This bar contains Lemon Mint, Happy Apple berry ( yay and Dragons Blood.

Red Clay

I used this soap as a facial soap on the final day of my 2 week trial of the products. I know that Clay is highly absorbent and is great for detoxification and exfoliation of the skin. I decided to try this last because i wanted to "treat my face". This was nothing short of what it boasts to do . I used it as a mask , meaning i left in on my face for like 5 minutes , then rinsed it off. It gives the same results of a traditional mud mask without all the gunk of course. I literally felt my pores breathing and rejoicing. This bar contains Olive , Castor , Coconut , palm , soy bean oil , distilled water , Red Moroccan clay , Rosemary  and Petit Grain.

Roses from France Body Lotion -bar

The name of this one was what got me interested. A lotion as body bar?The best way i could say this works .. its like Dove , its not really a soap ... its more of a moisturizer. After i used it , my skin was soooo soft , like it was enriched with milk or something really really soft. It has a nice soft rosy scent , its not too overpowering. I would recommend using this at night because of the way it moisturizes the skin , i think it would be a bit much on the skin during the day ( well it depends on where you live) . If you live in a colder region , its completely fine.

Coconut Paradise

As I've said before , I'm not a big fan of coconut , but with it being summer and all its great to have a nice" islandy" scent around . This was also used as a bath soap . I liked the fact that the coconut was not overpowering , its really lightly flavoured. This for me was true "paradise".

Lemon Pie

Who doesn't love pie? I used this delicious treat throughout the final week of trial.It softens and moisturizes super well. This bar of soap has a luscious .. yummy lemon scent and is sure to quite appealing to the senses. Not only can this bar be used for hygienic purposes , but I've actually been using it as a sort of decorative soap :-) It has such a distinctive citrus scent.

Beeswax Natural Lip Balm -Peppermint

As you know , i love chap sticks and lip balms. I used this before bed and also during the day. This natural Lip-balm contains Cocoa butter, Beeswax , sweet almond coconut,jojoba, avocado, apricot kernel oils , Vitamin E and Peppermint. I really liked the texture of this. It wasn't too greasy nor was it too bulky .. its was just really soft and natural and rolls on really well. It nourishes , moisturizes and seals in hydration. I would highly recommend this product if you have dry chapped lips because it really works well especially in this heat. For an auh mazing kick , apply this after brushing your teeth!

Roses from France Lotion

Say bye-bye to dry parched skin . I used this twice per day after using my Goats Milk Soap and it left my skin feeling nourished and moisturized.  It contains Olive , Coconut Castor, rose water , rose petals , roses FO and other essential oils. This lotion  has a really delicate scent infused with Rose Petals from France . If you are a "girly girl" you will absolutely love this lotion. After i used this , i felt like i just rolled around in a French Rose Garden.

As it relates to Natural Soaps , are ingredients are found easily in the nearest grocery store or market , we know them very well , so why not use them and recognize the benefits that they may give to your body and maybe even your mind :-)

These natural products don't leave "scum" in your bathtub. I'm what you call an A-Type personailty so i'm always cleaning . And i noticed that after i took a bath , i didn't have to clean the tub:-)

I know it seems like a lot of stuff to use for just 2 weeks on my skin , but i was told by Diana that it would be ok as long as i did not mix them with commercial products. Besides , its Natural , there are no artificial ingredients to weigh your skin down.

I would give these products a 4 out of 5 stars :-)

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