Product Review : Revlon ColorStay Foundation

Hi Guys ! So i recently got the Revlon 24 hrs Colorstay and i am "now" loving it . First of all , i loooooooooooooooove the smell :-))) I always talk about Make-up scents I guess i have a weird obsession with smelling Make-up. OK , Let's get to it .

At first i was a bit iffy about the texture , i felt like it was so heavy and i had to use a lot when i apply it. However , after like the first week , i simply did the "dotting method", where you put small dotted amounts of make-up on certain areas of the face then use your finger to spread it out. On the bottle it actually says " Flawless look ,lightweight feel". It gives total coverage and its really light weight. It does not feel like you are wearing make up at all.

                               (Revlon ColorStay 440 Mahogany ACAJOU 3.O ml)

The one thing i did not like was that  after around 8 hours of  wear , it tends to get blotchy in certain areas of the face where there is moisture such as above the lips and under the chin.

I must say however , that apart from "blotching" here and there ... it does last the entire 24hrs. The finish is kinda similar to that of the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse. As always when buying make-up look for the one that goes for your skin type.

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