Pretty Polishes : Santee Nail Lacquer

Hi Guys! I know its pretty unusual for me to post on a Saturday but i just wanted to share a quick little post with you. Yesterday i was doing my usual little shopping for "random stuff" and i found the most interesting little collection of Nail Polishes called : Santee. These colors are electrifying and i would describe them as "mixed" colours. I actually picked up 3. These are :  Neon Pink , Beach Blue and Base Coat.

Sea Blue

I've been wanting a blue nail polish that's not really  "blue". This looks like an "aqua" blue. It has hints of Green in it.

Base Coat

It looks like a Nude, but its actually not. It goes on really clear and it actually makes a difference with the application of each Polish.

Neon Pink

The Camera did not capture this color in all its essence. This is a really bright pink with hints of orange. ( I'm actually wearing this color on my finger nails right now and i love it).

These nail polishes are not streaky , but they are a bit light. I would say its best when you apply 2 coats and also use the base coat. I actually painted one hand with just the Neon Pink , and the other with the Base Coat plus the Neon Pink , and that hand had a glossier look.

These are available at Monarch Pharmacy in Mall Plaza in the Cosmetics section for $142 .

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