How to Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

Hi Guys! I generally write my posts for the "Everyday Female" who likes nice trendy things but is not really able to splurge on all designer labels. Every now and again , i believe that as women you should treat yourself to something really nice and expensive . One such thing can be a Louis Vuitton Bag. Note : Its pronounced "Louie Vuitton . Let's Jump into it now shall we .

First tip before we start " Never buy your bag from Amazon or E-Bay !!!! Yes there are a few of them that are real. Try to buy from the actual store itself , either online or the ground store

Louis Vuitton is a French Luxury goods company that was founded in 1854 . It started making packing goods ( suitcases) for Rich People when taking Steam Trains were Fashionable . They wanted to create something that could withstand all elements of weather and time , but still looks fashionable. As time went by , they started to create more items such as handbags and belts and so much more . Because Louis Vuitton has created so many variations of their brand , i will look at the very popular and classic Speedy Bag.

1.The Monogram : An authentic monogram pattern should start a-symmetrically . The "L" should sit at the bottom with the "V" slightly above it. This is followed by a flower ( fleur di lis) , then a circle with a flower inside , and "LV" again. Then going across , it starts with the "Fleur di Lis " ( the single star looking flower) , then the circle with the flower in it . The bag patterning should also be symmetrical . For example , if at the top corner you see the "Fleur di Lis" , if you follow it , the other corner should end with the same "Fleur di Lis". The same rule is applied going across. If you put the bag on its side , the pattern should reflect a mirror image.

2. The "LV" pattering. There should be an upside- down "LV" on one side of your authentic Speedy , because Louis Vuitton uses one continuous of piece leather that wraps around to make the bags. Because its a continuous piece of leather , there will never be a seam. That explains why the bottom of the bag is "shapeless"

3. Stitching and Handles :  On the handle , there will always be 5 stitches going across . All authentic Speedys have a mustard yellow stitching , while the knockoffs have a bright yellow stitching.
Every bag handle starts out with a very pale beige color . However , as time goes by , it starts to darken . This is because a special oxidizing cow hide leather that darkens over time was used. Also , the trim around the handle is a burgundy color , but over time it darkens. Fake bags have a bright red and it stays the same.

4. Hardware : On authentic bags , the hardware is brass . However , it turns bronze over time. Also , around the brass , you should see a greenish color . This is because the air oxidizes with the brass over time  , creating that hue.

5. Lining : All authentic Spreedys should have a brown canvas lining on the inside.

6. Date Stamp Code :  The date coding can be found behind the inside pocket of the bag . Please note that these numbers actually mean something and are not just randomly placed. The indentation on either side as well as the spacing should be even.  There are 6 digits. Here is where it gets tricky.The first two letters represents the country of origin ( Germany , Spain , USA , France and Italy). The first and third digits represent the month and the third and fourth digit represent the year. 

7. Louis Vuitton bags are never on sale . It is a LUXURY brand and prices will generally start as low as 450 pounds . Never believe websites that have sale on Louis Vuitton Sales . Its prob a knockoff.

I know this seems like a whole lot to look for in a bag , but this is a really really expensive bag , who wants to spend a huge sum of money on something that's fake? Also , if you buy your Louis Vuitton bag in store and it has a problem , don't be afraid to take it back in exchange for a new bag!!!

***If you decide to purchase your bag online , you will be able to personalize it in various ways ***

I hope that this post has helped at least ONE person today. If you feel that i have left something out that you know is one of the ways to spot a fake , please share. Also , feel free to ask me questions via e-mail or leave your comments below .


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