HairSay : Summer Hair Trends

Today , we will be looking at some of the popular "Hair Trends" for Summer.

Ombre Hair : This emerged in Spring 2012 and is still going strong for Summer. This trend involves creating a sort of cascading color effect , where you go from light to dark or vice versa.

The High Bun : Lauren Conrad rocked this look on the cover of her book "Style" by Lauren Conrad and it caaught on and people are still wearing this trend now. Evelyn , from " Basketball Wives" tweaked this style a bit , by adding a bang.

The Petite Pompadour : This is like a toned down version of the Mohawk. It is softer more classic and has a retro feel to it.

Pastel Dip Dye Hair: This is a lot similar to the Ombre Trend. However instead of using a subtle color , a bright color such as pink or even green is used.

The Peak- a Boo Braid : This is where a braid is infused into your regular hairstyle. Again , this trend was started by Lauren Conrad , where she was known for her french braid , which she always seemed to add to however her hair was styled on "The Hills".

Please let me know what your favorite hair trend will be for this Summer. Do you see it on my list?

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