HairSAY : How to care your weave

Hi Guys ! last time we looked at types of weaves , so now , its all about "Caring for your Weave".

It is said that a good weave can last up to a year with proper care. Today , i will be sharing with you my very own tips to care for your weave.

Pre-wash your weave . Most of the higher quality weaves will already come pre-washed . However , there are some that come with that weird "factory smell " as if it went through a lot of processing. Those kinds of hair are the main reasons for pre-washing the hair. Also , when you do this , you are able to see if there are any stray hairs in the bunch. Sometimes you might find a much lighter colour strand of hair on your track.

Washing Instructions

Be sure to wash your human hair with warm water. It just works better. I find that Garnier Fructis and Herbal Essences Hello Hydration line works really well on weaves. They are both greasy and gives the hair a glossier finish. To eliminate tangling , i like to use a wide teeth comb or a paddle brush. I also recommend shampooing three times and conditioning 2 times. The second time you use the conditioner, allow it to sit for about 5 minutes. 
  • Wash hair every 2 weeks. Well depending on the brand of human hair you buy. Some brands you buy , if you wash it too often , it can totally diminish the texture of hair , causing it to become stringy or "dry" , which will result in it not being able to hold curls.
  • If you opt for a dry shampoo , be sure to use a warm , damp wash cloth to wipe away the build up underneath. Build up will accumulate. Most people tend to forget about their own hair scalp underneath. 

                                                              Styling Care

  • Always use a heat protecting spray. Even though its not your actual hair , remember that it is in fact Human Hair. Sure its "dead" , but it still needs protection from heat. Not using heat protecting spray can also change the texture of the hair. It can quickly go from full and silky to thin and flat soon. I like to use the Garnier Fructis brand.
  • When using hair spray , look for the ones that are anti-humidity . In my opinion , i find that it makes my hair last longer. Since it combats heat , I'm not using a lot , so the texture of the hair remains the same throughout.
  • Get touch -ups regularly! After two weeks visit your hair stylist to re-track  and so on. It just looks better

***** Oh , be sure to wrap your hair at night. I had no idea that weave could be wrapped lol . I was told by one of my former colleagues that its done the same way you wrap your own hair , but you'd use hairpins instead of mousse to get it to stay in place. Also , tie your hair with a light head scarf****

I know there are tons of other ways out there to care for your human hair. I find that these work for me. Maybe you use some of these , maybe you don't. Don't be afraid to share :-)

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