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Hi Guys! We've looked at Types of weaves and how to care for weave and i know all that new knowledge must be "unbeweaveable" , but , let's back to the base of it all , your very own hair. I know we sometimes tend to forget about our own hair. So below , are some products that I've actually tried that works for hair growth.

Biotin : This is a natural vitamin that is found in a number of common foods. It is a B complex vitamin and sometimes referred to as "Vitamin H" ( I'm guessing the H is for hair ... maybe not lol) .

 Anyway , it does work. However ! It is not a magic formula! You have to maintain a healthy diet and maintain your hair. It does aid in growth and repair , but it works best when you treat and care for your hair on a regular basis.
*Try to use this with Biotin Enriched shampoo and conditioners*

Doo Gro: Their tag line is "For hair that won't grow" - " If nutten else nuh werk , dis work [ if there is nothing else that works , this certainly does] Let me tell you ! When i was in University or "Uni" as the British people say :-) I was wearing braids , i couldn't deal with my hair at all , so i just braided it. Then it started breaking , like really badly. Then i read about Doo Grow and decided to try it for 3 months. It worked! My hair had new growth and the ends were not as ... fragile. These are however on the expensive side. But it's a good little investment. I would recommend you buying the ones that is for your hair type or condition instead of buying the entire line. You can get this at Beauty supplies , wholesales
 ( downtown or at clocktower plaza in Jamaica) and some high end pharmacies.

Profectiv : I tried the Mega Growth Anti-Breakage Strengthener for probably 3 1/2 months ( after the Doo Gro) and i liked the results. I actually saw the results in month 3. It was slower than the Doo Gro i must admit , but i did see results. These are reasonably priced and can be found at any beauty supply store or high end pharmacies. Again , buy the line that is for your hair type or condition.

These are the top 3 products i use for hair growth that actually works.What product works for you?


  1. recently I have been thinking to invest in either profectiv or Doo Gro, because my hair is in a terrible state. I tried the profective once before when I cut my hair and wanted it to grow back. However, the results were slow but I was indeed satisfied. Now I am battling the decision between Doo Gro and Profectiv because I see a friend of mine achieving fast and great results from the Doo Gro. My dilemma is, what do I do, stick to the "evil" I know or try something different?

  2. You've already tried Profectiv and it wz effective but the results were slow ... try Doo Gro works really fast .. however its something you have to commit to . It works best when you follow the instructions and use all the products related to your condition , for e.g i used the Triple Strength line ( shampoo and conditioner , oils and hair vitalizer) Try it for 3 months , if you don't like the results , you can always go back to Profectiv :-) But Doo Gro works for real though


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