D-I-Y :Make-Up Storage/Display case

HI Guys ! This was completely unplanned . Sooo as it relates to this little project , I've recently been collecting make-up. As in , i just started.I realized that my little collection is starting to grow and the small make-up bag i have is not really working anymore. Anyway , this is a quick straightforward project that anyone can do :-)

You will need :

  • Small Cardboard Box ( with flaps /lids)
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

Step 1

Open all 4 lids of the cardboard box , As shown below.

Step 2

Using a pair of scissors , carefully cut off all 4 flaps of the box. Make sure there are no "jagged edges" . This will result in your project looking really tacky and cheap , so be sure to cut as evenly as possible. These edges will serve as the "shelves" for your display case. After you've cut the flaps , you will now take your ruler and measure the distance across the box , to see how much you need to cut.

Step 3

On the inside of the box , you will now glue the three corners of the flats you just cut off. You will notice that a "shape" is beginning to form , and your project now makes sense . For re-enforcement , i actually tied a belt around the box , so that the glue will hold the structure together. For best results let it stand overnight

Step 4

Add your products !!!

I hope i have inspired at least ONE person to go out and be creative :-) If the steps were not as clear to you , don't be afraid to ask me to clarify them :-)

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