Behind the Seams: Victorian Woman

"Fashion is Transcendent". That's in my opinion of course. Each era represents a new style and quite often , the style is inspired by that Era. Today, Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with Manuela Biocca of "Victorian Woman"

Victorian Woman is a brand of fashion accessories handmade in France and created in 2009. If offers women feminine and sophisticated accessories in unique and limited edition items. The line features fashions from the Past, Art , Gothic Literature , Underground Culture Legends and Mysteries which are the source that feeds the designers' inspiration. Manuela invites you to travel in the heart of it dream like world.

H.P: What inspired your line?
M.B: First of all, I have to precise that Victorian Woman accessories have an artistic approach as well as a fashion approach. I design with a particular vision in mind directly linked to my interests:  art, painting, gothic literature, legends and mysteries, alternative culture, cinema, fashions from the past and Haute Couture, sculpture, engraving, illustrators as well as music, pinups. In fact, if you look at the names of the designs, you will imagine which legend, book, sensation, stone, color, hero, a name of a romantic city… inspired me at that moment. It can also be linked to a personal story. I am very involved personally in each piece.

I have been very influenced by Pre-Raphaelite paintings that show a particular beauty, femininity and romanticism.
The textures, fabrics of the dressing of characters, women, expressions, themes that are depicted in those paintings inspired me a lot for my collections.

Jewelry is also very important as Victorian Woman’s signature is made from the union of luxury fabrics (silk, satin, taffeta, brocade), laces and jewelry decorated with genuine gemstones. I have a real attraction for gemstones since young and I like to decorate the accessories with them to bring a unique touch. I remind people of the energy properties of gemstones that would make us feel better. It is a mystic interest that I want to share.

H.P: How would you describe/define your personal style?
M.B: I propose to my clients to highlight the Gothic Chic style by offering them to wear the accessories the elegant women in days of old wear: under-bust corsets, hats, hair accessories, lace jewelry, belts, purses and bags, spats, cloaks.

But, I could also complete that idea adding that my style is also Victorian, is strongly linked to the alternative culture and that it is an artistic approach of fashion. I want to bring original and quality items, exclusive feminine designs (handmade limited or unique pieces), and sophisticated designs. I think that the words “alternative luxury” would sum-up my style.

H.P: What is the best type of clothing to pair your jewelry with?

M.B: The best type would be the classical fashion style. In fact, the pieces could be lost and wouldn’t be noticed paired with alternative clothing, except if someone use different colors and textures. Victorian Woman addresses to women who want to assert their personality. They are made for women who are searching for original and elegant fashion accessories.
I think that past accessories are very distinctive and feminine. I want to bring those accessories out of the Victorian period, out of the alternative culture, and make them rediscovered by the general public. I do think that the Victorian Woman designs can be worm every day. The everyday way of dressing can be enhanced with sophisticated accessories and give a more glamorous style with small original touches.

                                     Check out more products from Victorian Woman Below

This year, Victorian Woman introduces a brand new collection where silk fabric and gemstone beads are in favor. It offers women even more luxurious and romantic fashion accessories and new ones all year round. The collection will present new underbust corset designs, hats, lace jewelry, jewelry sets, neck corsets and bags that will cause a sensation!” - announces the designer, Manuela. The designs are now adorned with sterling silver jewelry, “because it is important for Victorian Woman to create exceptional designs and to provide our customers with a very particular experience in the world of fashion”.
It is presented by Adrianna, our charismatic model that perfectly embodies the femininity, the distinction, and the sophistication of the designs of the brand.

Photographer: Sylvain Renault (
Stylism: Manuela Biocca - Victorian Woman (
Model: Adrianna Gerczew
Make-up: Haddy Senghore
Photo assistant: Fabrice Drevon

Website: (in French and in English)
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