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Hi Guys , Today we go "Behind the Seams" with Kat , from KAT Jewelry Design from Etsy. Kat holds a Bachelors Degree in Jewelry Design and has a great fondness of the Anglo Saxons and Vikings.  

Trichinopoly, or Viking Knit or Viking Wire Weave, is one old-world technique I am exploring with modern aesthetics in mind." - Kat 

H.P: How did you become a Jewelry designer?
KAT: I remember playing with string and beads when I was still in grade school, every thing from string bracelets to "Indian" seed beads, and eventually cheap gemstone beads and store findings. I decided to go to college for jewelry design and got introduced to Art Jewelry, a high-end and hardly-worn extension of the fine art market. It made me wonder why we couldn't just design jewelry for the sake of making something beautiful? So when I got home, I did, with what materials I could handle without a production studio. 

H.P: How would you define your personal style? 
KAT :My style is about color, especially bright colors contrasting with metallic and neutrals, and otherwise tends towards the geometric and simplified. I'm intrigued by gradients, by the visual balance created by things that go from dark to light, large to small, thick to thin. I like to see things as a unified whole, both in jewelry I make and in the way I dress, or decorate, or design a project, so my work is more likely to have a color or shape theme than to be collage.

H.P: Finish the sentence ... "I cannot live without my ....
KAT: I cannot live without my tool box. It is a rather standard blue and white plastic 'art box' made by who knows, but it manages to hold all my wire, chainmaille, and tools, and a reasonable portion of beads. It lets me take my projects with me easily, and many people have commented on how I always have my box with me.

H.PWhat is your favorite piece to make?
KAT: My favorite piece is always the new idea I'm working on, whether its a new shape of gemstone I'm wrapping in chainmaille or a new color of wire I'm weaving for the first time. But if I have to get specific, earrings let me play the most with color, and chainmaille is definitely the most fun for showing off to other people.

H.P : What inspired your line?
KAT : Wire weaving and chainmaille both started out as ancient techniques. Wire weaving is often known as Viking Knit because examples of it have been found most famously in viking burials, although similar weaves and uses can be seen in nearly every centralized culture. I delight in variations, and in turning old tricks to new purposes, so my line of jewelry grew out of taking an ancient technique and seeing how I could make modern-looking wearable accessories with it.

H.P : Describe your line?
KAT: My jewelry is wire, ring, bead, and feather. It is meant to accessorize, add volume and sparkle, without being the center of attention. It is light weight, comfortable, easy to put on and wear, easy to care for. It is what I like to make, in hope that someone else will like it too. It is certainly not deep and thoughtful; art for art's sake, beauty for the pleasure of beautiful things.

Check out the pictures below to see some of the other pieces by KAT Jewelry Design

( There are 5 categories : Wire Weave, Earrings,  Art Jewelry, Tails and Chainmaille)


Wire Weave


Art Jewelry

See Everything in person at the Summer Avante -Garde Art and Craft Show on July 29th , 2012 at Wagner's  County Inn in Westlake.

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