BB Cream! Whats all the "Hooplah" About?

BB Cream This .... BB Cream That. BB Creams are everywhere and seem to be the latest frenzy in the Beaut Industry. What the heck is a BB Cream anyway?

Officially know an Blemish/Beblesh Balm , is an all in one cosmetic beauty and skincare product that can act as : Foundation, Concealer, Moisturizer , Sunblock and the list goes on. Dermatologists initially used it to help laser surgery patients protect , sooth and regenerate their extremely sensitive skin to provide full coverage for the post laser scars. Korean cosmetic companies heard about this "magic" cream , realized its business potential and came up with their own formula to make the stuff. The version that is available to the "public" is suited for various types of skin. Some of the benefits of the BB Cream are :

  • It produces a very natural "no make-up" look.
  • Hides all types of pigmentation, discoloration , acne and other skin conditions .
  • Although it gives perfect coverage , it won't clog your pores.
  • It saves Time  ( see the video below)

The only drawback I've found so far is that the product was not really targeted for darker skin tones. Based on my research , I'm seeing that Smashbox,Garnier and Maybelline carries shades for darker skin tones. But ! these shades are just in "dark/deep" or "dark/deep medium". There are waaaaaaaaaaay more types of dark skin tones than that. Please correct me if I'm wrong and you are a "soul sister" and can name a brand that carries a shade that fits you specifically.

Don't be afraid to leave your comments , let's learn together :-)

I Do Not Own The Rights to this Video , it is the sole property of BRTC store , check them out on YouTube

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