Whats On my Bathroom Counter

Hi Guys ! Today I've decided to break away from the usual D-I-Y to bring you something less complicated ..lol  I think this will be my "light" week based on how I've been feeling :-(

Leopard Bathroom Accessories :-) These go with my Bedding and Rugs. Its not "overkill" i did my room in  a way that the Leopard looks classy :-) These were from Roses.

Mini bottles of lotion , shampoo and conditioner. I got these when i stayed at the Holiday Inn in Boca Raton , Fl. And its not stealing !!! Since i don't have a guest bathroom , i like to fill these for my guests so they don't mess with my stuff.

 Bath and Body Works Candle in Winter Candy Apple. Its actually a holiday scent , but i like it and i stocked up on them. They didn't have Sweet Pea which is the one i love

Baby Powder . I usually get heat rash around May every year! So i use this to keep me cool and its also very soothing :-)

Twilight Woods Body Cream! I looooooooooove Twilight Woods. I dub it my "Signature Scent" . I keep it on my bathroom counter rather than my dresser because i find it works better just after your bathed :-)

Clean and Clear Cream Cleanser ( Say that 4 times fast ..lol ) I've been using this since High-school . The thing i love about this is that its not too strong and it doesn't leave your face dried out like most face stuff.  If you don't have bad acne and just need a face cleanser ... this is a great product.

Apricot Facial Scrub . The Equate Brand. It works just as well as the St. Ives Brand ... the only difference is that this one is much cheaper. Sorry for the dirty pic ....lol . I use it to remove make-up :-)

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