Tips for your Summer Trip!

Hi Guys! I know that for most of you , with Summer comes travelling. The whole thought of packing can be quite daunting. So i have come up with some essential tips that will guarantee you have a safe yet productive trip.

Show up at least two hours before the boarding time : Two hours sounds long , but seriously think about it .  Airports are so far away, so the drive alone can be close to an hour , give or take certain annoyances on the road (like those men with the black pants and red stripes out by "Airport Road" for example) . Then let's say you use a certain local airline carrier , they are sooooooooo slooooooooooow , by the time you get to the boarding area , your flight number is being called.

Be sure to pack in due time. I know most people have demanding jobs which doesn't allow them the flexibility to designate a day to pack. Here is a solution : Start packing two weeks before , and add one to two items per day to your suitcase. That way ,when it gets to the night before , all you will have left is your personal items.

Make sure your travel documents are up to date ( that should have been point one)  There are some people out there who are like " I had no idea my passport/visa expired". Like seriously ? you should always check to make sure that all your documents are up to date.

Fill in your travel information such as "tags"  and so on from home. I really hate being that "annoying person/family" who "holds up the line" . Sadly , every year , we are "that" family . If you travel on American Airlines on the 23rd of December and there is a hold up in the line its my family

Be sure to split up your belongings. Lets face it , its not unusual for luggage to get lost. What i like to do is put at least two pairs of underwear , small personal items ( less than 8oz) , something to sleep in , as well as a pair of shoes that can be worn with any outfit. That way , if my checked baggage gets lost , i won't be running around trying to buy stuff to wear.

These are the tips that have worked so far for me . Do you have any special travel tips ? Or maybe weird travel routines?

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