Natural Skincare : The Vegan Way

Maintaining a healthy Lifestyle not only includes what goes into our bodies , but also what we use on the outside. Natural products have become a Phenomenon in today's' society , because more people are learning how to take better care of their bodies. Traditional companies are even coming up with "Natural Alternatives" along with their existing commercial products. I recently discovered a small shop straight out of El Paso Texas that makes Natural Products. I was however intrigued by the VEGAN PRODUCTS

RUSTICO NATURAL is the manufacturer of handmade Natural Products. This small shop came about when owner Diana moved to El Paso Texas ( in the desert).This move began to take a toll on her skin because of the extreme desert conditions which even resulted in skin bleeding. Diana tried several bar soaps and moisturizers from "Commercial brands", but all her efforts proved to be futile , as nothing could alleviate her problem. Eventually, she stumbled on a Natural Milk Soap that "miraculously" healed her skin. Unfortunately, that company closed down. What was Diana to do? Open her own store of course ! Through extensive research, testing and planning she learnt how to make her own Natural Products. By April 14, 1997 , she launched her first batch. Diana decided to use the Cold Method, as this holds all the ingredients benefits intact.
    One of her lines is called " Vegan Skincare". This line currently carries Vegan Bar Soaps , Lip Balms and Hand and Body Products. All Vegan Soaps contain natural ingredients such as : Coconut Oil ,Olive Oil , Castor Oil and Several other natural oils. All these ingredients have important functions.

Shown Above : (Vegan Soaps ) and Lip balm .

Diana has been making Natural Products for over 15 years and hopes that the world will one day discover that everything we need is provided by Mother Nature.

Did you know that over 5,000 chemicals are used in personal care products alone? With that being said ... would you rather contaminate your body with harmful chemicals or beautify it with natural products?

RUSTICONATURAL products can be found at the link Below 


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