Make-Up Mayhem!!

Make-Up Mayhem is a new feature for the remaining Mondays in June where i will feature three beauty products. Bronzer , Blush and Face Primer. I will talk about what they are : How to use them and where to buy them.

Today i will be talking about Blush. Sooo , I'm a "woman of colour" ( black) , I have to admit i think its weird for dark skin women to wear blush. Let's face it , we don't have naturally "rosy cheeks" , and i think it will look silly , so I've never worn it.  Based on my research ,  boy am i wrong

What is Blush?

Blush is reddish cosmetic powder used to redden the cheeks and highlight the cheekbones. Blush dates all the way back to ancient Egyptian times when it was made from crushed Mulberries and worn on the cheeks of Queens.

Blush is mainly used by women with fairer skin tones .. However ! Blush is being used by women of darker skin tones today. Instead of using the Reddish colour ones , women of darker skin tones are urged to use colours that are warmer such as plums and grapes ( anything purpleish)

Check out how to apply blush in the video below.

This video is the sole property of MichellePhan. No Copyright infringement intended.

Blush is sold anywhere you can find your regular beauty products. Remember to consider your skin tone when purchasing your blush :-)

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