Make Up Mayhem : Face Primer

This is the last Monday of the Make-Up Mayhem series... i really hope i helped to shed some light on the products i featured and you are all more comfortable when and how to use these products. Today , we'll be looking at Face Primer .

A face primer is one of the best ways to insure your makeup stays on longer, they're relatively new products so few drugstore brands make primers. They pamper the skin and create a protective barrier. Primers are excellent for people with combination to oily skin. They are also used to fill in fine lines , as well as pores. Think of a paint job for a car/house. The primer is that weird grayish white color that goes on first so that the official color will blend better and stay on longer :-)
Face Primer has the ability to transform your face into a smooth flawless canvas. It is relatively simple to use and some brands are even infused with moisturizer , so if you have oily skin for example, there is no need to use additional moisturizer. Recently , women have been using Milk of Magnesia as a face primer because it works quite effectively to "suck up oil". When purchasing this product , try to buy the ones that are specifically for your skin type. Some popular brands are:


L'Oreal Studio Finish

There are obviously more than two brands of primer out there , but these are the "known" ones that I've actually read about that had great reviews. Below is a video of how to apply Face Primer.

*I do not own the rights to this video. It is the sole property of BlushBeautyTutor. Head on over and check out that page on YouTube.

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