Make-Up Mayhem : Bronzer

Hi Guys! Make-Up Mayhem continues today. Let's talk about Bronzer

Bronzer is a lightly frosted , tinted powder that gives skin sheer, natural color effects and highlights. It is used on areas that hit the sun directly such as :  forehead , nose, chin,cheeks and even collar bone ( if needed) .
Have you ever wondered how J.LO appears to always looks soooo "golden"? Thats because she uses bronzer !

Bronzer is generally applied pretty much like blush to the areas named above. It is also used for contouring , that is to create a more defined look ( think of model Giselle's cheeks) . It can even make your nose appear smaller. Can black people wear bronzer? Yes ! However you have to be careful . I would say consult a professional make-up artiste to know which shade/ brand is right for you. Selecting the wrong shade of bronzer can make one look sallow or just plain dirty  Based on my own research .. the experts  say "for women with darker skin tones .. buy a shade that is darker than your skin tone and pick one that's a bit shimmery".

That way , when the sun hits the areas , it will reflect beautifully in the sun and it will add warmth to your skin when you are not in the sun. The brands I've came across so far are : L'Oreal H.I.P Bronzer,
an Iman shade , Black Radiance and Mary Kay has shades for darker skin tones ( and soo many other brands). The video below shows how to apply bronzer.

Disclaimer : I do not own the rights to this video. Check out DaintyBrownGirl on YouTube

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