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Hi Guys ! There is an extremely new software , well more of an app called "Look Book Alive". This is extremely new and i was soooo excited when i saw an e-mail from the creators of this new Phenomenon telling me that i could share this new development with you guys :-) Isn't that nice? Check out what it is below :

Look Book Alive is an application available for any mobile device in the world (iPad, iPhone, Android, tablets, etc) where instead of offering the traditional photo catalogue that many designers have already developed, we provide vertical full HD videos which will allow the customer to appreciate with an incredible image quality (cinema quality) every detail of the garment, the fabric,  the way it suits the body, those characteristics that are not shown in a picture but are important for the customer to appreciate. 
Customers will appreciate the possibility of having direct access in their phones to all the styles of their favourite designer, seeing them in movement and getting a real feeling of the clothes not just a mere picture. Through LBA they will even be able to choose  to see the style in the colour/size they need so the experience will be even closer to reality for them. They will of course be able to buy from the app itself, so this will make the already good experience of shopping their collection online, an extremely different one far from the traditional photo look books that everyone already has. 
Different, dynamic, interactive.

After reading this i had a few questions to ask myself , which I'm sure most of you after reader this will want to know. So here is the main one :

Will there be any implications for international shoppers as it relates to buying from the app itself?

the app links to the payment system that the brand has already, so when a buyer wants to buy from the app, it goes into the secure zone for payment that the brand has already developed. it's up to the brand to decide whether they want to use this app as a look book only or as an online store as well.
Is there a cost for this app?
no, it's generally free, it's like downloading whats app. but it's up to the brand itself to decide whether they want their customers to pay $ to get it downloaded, but i seriously doubt any brand will put any cost to it!

By the end of this week and next Week , customers will be able to download this great new app. So be on the lookout for that. In the meantime , check out this video below , just to see how "Alive " it looks :-)

Disclaimer : This video is the sole property of the creators of Look Book Alive. I do not won the rights to this video.

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