DhengiBrand Clothing : "LIVE IN THE FRESH"

Hi Guys! Are you looking for a brand of clothing that is stylish yet versatile ? Basic and straight to the cut? Then look no further than DhengiBrand Clothing . This brand was developed in 1975 but recreated in 2003 by C.E.O Gerald Lawson and Vice President Kirk Alston. According to Lawson :

" The roots of my fashion fresh were formed in the Brewery Town section of North Philadelphia , where i was born and raised"

"Philly" is synonymous with Cheese-steaks and Tasty Cakes and now DhengiBrand :-) The auh mazing thing about this brand is that the clothing is not "too flashy" yet not boring. The creators made sure that the clothing is affordable and comfortable.

DhengiBrand has 3 categories :

DhengiDame:  This is the female line that carries : T-shirts , Hoodies and Sweatshirts ( shown below)

DhengiDude : This is the male line , and it carries T-shirts and Hoodies . See how he looks "fresh" :-)

DhengiYouth : This is the children line. This line carries children clothing and caters to little girls known as Dhengidolls and little boys are Dhengidukes. In the children category you will find T shirts. 

All T-shirts are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton. This means that when you wash your Dhengi shirt , the shape will be maintained. It will not shrink nor will it get stretched out ( like most t-shirts that you wash by hand)
Living "fresh" does not only entail having swagger , but also helping the community. Dhengibrand also gives back to the community. In fact, they donated t-shirts to over 20 different families of underprivileged children in North Philly. They are also involved in events such as : donating T-shirts to Aids victims , Breast Cancer Survivors and so much more. If you want to "Live in the Fresh" check out DhengiBrand Clothing at :



Disclaimer : All photos are the sole property of DhengiBrand Clothing. They should not be duplicated without permission by the creators.


  1. Thanks so much Rane we're honered that you chose feature our brand on you're blog. Your most accurate description of our brand indicates that you really took the time and effort to research before publishing the content. It means a lot to us and we really appreciate it.
    Peace & Blessings

  2. Glad you like it :-)


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