Beat the Heat : The "Haute" Way

Hi Guys! Its no secret that Summer is here.... in Jamaica Summer is always here Here are my top beauty products/ tips to help you "beat the heat".

Water : Thats a given. Make sure that you stay hydrated. Our bodies lose a lot more water during Summer. This is because our bodies lose water through perspiration. Drinking water is simply putting back what we lost.

Sunscreen : It is important to protect your skin from those harmful rays penetrating through the atmosphere. In June especially where the sun is at its "hottest"  because this is when "Summer Solstice" occurs. You need protection. Sunscreen also protects skin from pre-mature aging.

Anti- Humidity Hairspray : This heat can not only be detrimental to our skin but also to our hair :-( There is no need to have "flat curls" or "dead hair". I recommend Garnier Fructis Anti-Humidity hairspray. Its not too stiff/sticky nor is it too soft. It gives your hair a great hold with movement.

Moisturize : Be sure to have a really good moisturizer that's not too greasy. Heat can take a toll on your skin that can result in itching , flaking and even bleeding. So please , just moisturize :-)

Get a good lip-balm or chap-stick:  Chapped lips are just not cool. I like to stick to the traditional brands like : Chapstick , Eos and Maybelline.

What products do you usually use for Summer??

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