Top 5 Party Essentials ( For Summer) : Cori "Don" Sinclair

Hi Guys , Today's Top 5 Party Essentials for Summer comes from "Raving King" Cori "Don" Sinclair.

5. One can't party on an empty stomach : If you plan to drink at a party , make sure you eat something before. You get drunk quicker on an empty stomach.

4. Money : Always have money in your pocket!

3. Always "smell fresh" : Please make sure you take the time to check yourself before you leave your house. You can't be raving and "nuh smell good"

2. Always have a ride to the party ... and back : People always go out and have no way of getting home and find dem selves in all sort a predicament.

1. Make sure you have your own fun : Build a vibes and just enjoy yourself!

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