Cinderella Hats : A "HEAD" of the game

Hi Guys ! Today ,"Haute Light", shines brightly on Cinderella Hats. Cinderella Hats is the Hat manufacturing company where you can find hats for the young , old and in-between. They carry a wide selection of "headgear" because its not just limited to hats. The unique thing about this store is that there is an "in-house" production department ( located upstairs) where the hats are made. This is great because not only are you getting quality products , but you are also supporting "Brand Jamaica".

Cinderella Hats offers a wide range of services such as :
  • Consultation ( Bridal and General)
  • Walk- In purchases
  • Online Shopping
  • Courier Service
  • Custom Design Pieces ( Carry your design and they will make it)
Because of its unique designs and quality pieces , this company has been featured in many events such as :
  • J.C.D.C ( Jamaica Cultural Development Corporation)
  • Trunk Shows
  • Hat Festivals
  • "Hats Onto Easter"
  • Mission Catwalk ( Most Recently)

Marcellas James is the top "head gear designer" and is a Second Generation Milliner. Her years of experience and personal style makes her more than qualified to be classified as a "HATINISTA".
Ms. James defines her personal style as "Classic Elegance". Ms. James also expressed that her inspiration comes from everywhere and everything.

" I have so many favorite designers , if i were to name , it would be like 12 and that would put me in a box"  - Marcellas James.

What most of you might not know is that , Cinderella Hats also carry accessories such as Earrings and Handbags. Check out these pictures below:-)

Earrings and Handbags


I was "fascinated" by the Fascinators :-)

There is even an employee who has been with the company from its inception stage in 1994 . Romeo Fowel expressed that his inspiration comes from the material itself.

" I learnt about makings hats in the store , over time i got to love it. I can work with what i have or a person can bring a design for me to make" - Romeo Fowel.

Look out for the Jamaica 50 Collection from Cinderella Hats :-)

Cinderella Hats is located at 49, Beeston Street Downtown Kingston Jamaica.
Check out their FB Page
Visit their website at

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