Bling Bling Sales/ Promotions

Say what now? A RED DOT SALE !!!! In Jamaica??? Yes , you heard that right , check out Bling Bling's "RED DOT" Sale.

How does it work?? Buy a red dot and get 25% off or buy 2 red dots and get three more for free. 

Here are some other ways you can save with BLING BLING Jamaica :

  • Going Green: Bling Bling is being fabulous and eco friendly. Bring back a Bling Bling shopping bag and get 20% off on anything in the store.
  • 50% Sale: Teen Bling is having a 50% off sale for new stock coming in.
  • TB BBM: Add Teen Bling to your BBM and get 20% off on anything in the store. PIN:29213769 and Bar Code is in attachments. 
  • TB Snap Back: Buy one snap back and get 1 for free!   Bling Bling's Fb Page

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  1. Anonymous5:54 AM

    hi i did dis so cool try try buy wheeeee


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