Behind The Seams: Tara Wright ( Full Figured Jamaican Model)

According To Kingsley Cooper, "a full-figured model should be just like any other model, except full-figured - size 10-20. Ideally she should be 5' 9" and over, with great looks, great skin, great figure". The dramatic difference lies in the numbers, as "where most models are size four to six, a full-figured model should be size 10 to 20" (The Jamaica Gleaner 2010) Gone are the days when it was required that a woman had to be a size zero to be considered a "model" by Society's definition. Let's face it nobody looks like that in real life . The thing that makes us intriguing and alluring as women is the fact that we come in different sizes and shapes.Today , Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with Top Petite Full Figured Model,Tara Wright, one of the three winners of the Pulse Model Search in 2010.

H .P: Where are you from?
T.W: I'm from Barton St. Elizabeth Jamaica 

H.P: What inspired you to become a model?

T.W: My mother, she has been my driving force and my number 1 supporter from i was born until now. If no one is in my corner i know she will be. She was the one who told me that i could be a model and all the visions of glamour she had for me inspired me to want them to happen just for her.

H.P: Do you prefer print or runway? Why?   
T:W: I love runway and all but print is what i prefer. looking at myself in print at times, i cant believe that I'm looking at myself as i see the different facial expressions that i give, the look of the clothes on me its amazing. print is permanent so I'll always have it to cherish and see my development.

H.P: What are your thoughts on the term "full figured?

T.W: I find that full-figure really encompasses what I am. i don't consider myself to be fluffy; teddy bears are. A full figure woman is a confident, intelligent,.striking and alluring woman that people see and admire for her taste and charisma. i feel that i posses those qualities and more.

H.P: When did you know that you could make a career out of modeling?

T.W: Truthfully, before modeling, i considered myself to be in the background not thinking that modeling would ever be an opportunity for me. I followed a dear friend of mine to the auditions as she was a petite model and while there, someone asked me if i had come to audition. At that time i didn't know that they had a full figure segment and so i thought the person was being cheeky. I then saw other ladies there of my stature and upon further questioning found out about the competition. So i guess when i was asked if i came to audition was when i thought well the person must have seen something in me to ask so i should have a pretty good shot. the rest we know lol

H.P: What is your dream modeling job?

T.W: Being the face of a brand that truly represents me in every sense and for that campaign to last for a long time lol
and i pray that I'll connect with the concept that the photographer has in mind

H.P: How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

T.W: Firstly, i try to ensure i had slept well the night before, as it definitely shows if you didn't get enough sleep.
and i pray that I'll connect with the concept that the photographer has in mind

H.P: Finish the sentence ... "I cannot live without my ...
T.W: I cannot live without my mother and water. anyone that knows me should know that I'm in love with water and I'm always talking about my mom

H.P: Where can we find Tara on a Friday Night?
T.W: My Friday night if I'm not working is usually at the party Uber at club privilege new Kingston and if not bed rock and pillow jam!

H.P: What is next for you in the world of modeling?
T.W: Presently, I'm putting together my portfolio to show to international agencies as id liked to get on that scene God's blessing

H.P: What advice do you have for a new model starting out?
T.W: Have faith in yourself and what you have to offer. Doubt will creep in but that is natural, however don't let it hinder you from achieving your goal, surround yourself with a great support group, having this will make the slow days better, and of course take care of your skin /body drinks lots of water. Always, always pray.

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