Behind the Seams: Stephanie Wallace ( Jamaican Singer/Songwriter)

"She acts , She Sings , She even dances. I remember when i was in High School , i always wondered is there nothing that girl can do? lol . She had greatness written all over her. I remembered several mornings how she thrilled us with her auh mazing voice at General Devotion. Today , Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with songstress Stephanie Wallace.

H.P: You Act, Dance and Sing. Of all these talents .. why music?
S.W: Music comes naturally for me. Music chose me. Each time I try to do anything else I end up back right where music is. Its just something within me that strives in and through music. 

H.P: What's your motto or advice you live by? 
S.W: Live to live, don't live to die.

H.P: What inspires you?
S.W: As cliche as it sounds, life inspires me. I've been blessed with travelling so many places in the world and I've had some great experiences with some great people. All of which has had a lasting impact on me.

H.P: What is your favotrite song to belt out in the car/shower?
S.W: So many but this has been my latest. "You ought to know" - Alanis Morrisette

H.PWhat was Stephanie like in Highschool?
S.W: Haha..ok..ahm. I was one of the popular girls, very involved in school activities, kept good grades, a little rebellious (although i was a prefect for most of my high school I used to cry alot too...very thin skin. I used to care too much what persons thought of me and since i was popular, everyone had an opinion. High school was the real world though, it set the stage for me.

H.P: For readers who have never heard your music , describe your sound in five words...
S.W: A rich fusion of genres.

H.P: If i was to turn on your Ipod right now , what 5 artists/songs would i see on your recently played list? 
S.W: Groundation, Alanis Morisette, Nico D, Rihanna, Adele

H.P: If you could open up for any artiste on tour right now , who would it be? ( local or international)
S.W: Alicia Keys

H.P: A "Stephanie First" , tell us about your first performance ..
S.W:. My first performance as a solo artist..hmmm. Well i don't remember being very nervous. I have been performing since i was a child. I was more excited to hit the stage.

H.P: What is your favorite thing to do when you are not performing?
S.W: Well im a mom, so when im not performing i love to spend time with my girls, or read a book.

H.P:You recently did a video , explain to us the concept ?
S.W:"Got it right here" is a love song about a guy searching for love and the girl telling him she has it. We wanted to capture that search element in a unique way. So we created a natural maze, and incorporated other outdoor shots as well. Simple and sweet. Kudos to Simon "SNO" Thompson who shot and directed. And special mention to Wayne Walker (manager) and Travis King (make-up artist).

H.PAny words of advice for aspiring singers?
S.W: Know all you can about the music business, its not a 9-5 in a sense so the more you know about your rights,etc. The more you'll live off of your gift. Its fun, its cool, but its a business. One Love!!!

Message from Stephanie :

Come experience a night of musical feasting at REDBONES BLUES CAFE (1 Argyle Road, kgn 10). Myself (Singer/songwriter Stephanie) alongside Stephen "Rev" Maxwell, Horace "Yelluh" Ellis and Nicholas "Sparrow" Robinson presents a rich brew of musical genres fused with jazz; "Musicology". Come and enjoy this experience on Thursday May 31, 2012 @8:30pm. Entry $700. (Please indicate if you would like presold tickets at $500)
Looking forward to seeing you. If your in Jamaica, come enjoy a great thursday night.

Also , check out Stephanie's fan page on FB and  be sure to "like" it.

Be sure to come out and Support Stephanie on May 31st at RedBones Blues Cafe, Jamaica.

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