Behind the Seams : Rseenal Di Artillary

Hi Guys !!! Today Haute People goes "Behind the Seams " with a very talented Jamaican artiste who has a very unique sound and a charismatic personality to match. Today , we highlight the sounds of Rseenal Di Artillary.

H.P: How would you describe your sound?
R.A: My sound is a distinct sound it’s a flowing deejay-rapping style with a reggae melody. It took me few years to develop this kind of delivery because I had to learn the various styles of performance individually, then fused them.. I'm always trying to recreate my artistry that my sound may always be ever-evolving
H.P: Would you describe the music business as "tough" in Jamaica?

R.A:Yes! The Jamaican local music business is actually tough !! mainly because of the political landscape of the business, but most of all from the insecurities of the many mainstream artistes who position themselves to monopolize the business to control, isolate and alienate new talents that they may always be able to be on the forefront of the local scene by any means necessary.  

H.P: What are five things you can't live without??
R.A: I cant live without my consciousness & spirituality, which I consider the most valuable aspect of my reality.. then its my family & love ones, then my music, then the others physiological needs .. everything else materially, I could  survive without..!! honestly!!

H.P: What is the most trouble you've ever got into?
R.A: I'm really a good guy I don’t usually get myself into any big trouble
But I've been to the RM court very few times. But  eventually it was discovered that I was wrongfully accused on all those occasions. 

H.P: You write most of your songs ,where do you draw inspiration from when you write?
R.A: I write all my tunes. I draw inspiration from every aspect of life around me. I have a philosophical way of thinking and that helps to hold my perspectives together in creating a tune. Plus I just go with whatever or where ever the beat is leading me

H.P: What is your favorite part about being a musician?
R.A: Its seeing people or fans relating & appreciating your music after all the hard work placed into its creation. I love performing as well and I also love the feeling of seeing through a project to the end. That feeling of accomplishment is like bliss
H.P:Tell us about your first performance?
R.A:Terrible!! I was drinking up Hennessey etc etc backstage before my very first performance then hit the stage & couldn’t deliver!! i think i even forgotten the words of the tune i had to perform.. lol .. i guess that was probably my biggest learning curve

H.P: How do you juggle family life with your career?
R.A: Time management is key and every chance I get I try to keep close to my family cause there are time when they become totally neglected based on the work load & the ups and downs. Therefore I try to make every chance I have with my kids and love one very special especially when we are all together.

H.P:Its Friday night ... where are you most likely to be? 
R.A:I’ll be on my endz chilling with friends playing & critiquing all my music recently recorded drinking, blazing, chatting, laughing, having a good time or I may be in my home studio working leisurely drinking & blazing building a vibes creating new music . Or generally at home just chilling with my kids watching movies having snacks & goofing around.

H.P:Who are some of your favorite artistes ? local and international?
R.A: Sizzla Kalonji is one of my favorite artistes.He echoes best, similar sentiments that I do in my music on practically all the levels; but, I mainly listen the music of my colleagues: Raw Raw, Gabriel, Raw Deal, Ill Gramma, Nikki Nixx and a few others I've worked closely with. They're also my inspiration!. Internationally, GMTA, OG's, Lady Shivz, SlickyOne Fujy De Konero & Lil mizz Sunshyne. As you may realize i don't usually listen to alot of mainstream artistes :)

H.P: Any words of advice/encouragement for aspiring musicians?
R.A: DREAM BIG!! THINK BIG!! Practice Self-Actualization & Let your thoughts be manifested by your works. You must always bear in mind the basic requirements for success in this business the "3 C’s": Confidence, Control & Consistency and ceaselessly work on them, this will virtually or literally take you to the next level of this business career-wise.

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