Behind the Seams : Cheleta Buddo ( Jamaican Film Maker / Actress)

Hi Guys , If you are one of those people who are "in the know" as it relates to all things Fashion and Entertainment related , then you would have seen an entry made by this young Lady for the "Heineken Inspire" competition, in the Film Category. Today, Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with Cheleta Buddo ( Jamaican Film Maker / Actress).

H.P: What first got you interested in film?
C.B: As a child, growing up I've always wanted to become an actress. After studying theatre in college, I decided to try film.

H.P: What are some of your favorite American/Jamaican films? 
C.B: Favorite film? Tough one. I can tell you a few 
American TV Shows that I like. Weeds, That 70s Show, Everybody Hates Chris. Yes I'm a Nickelodeon fan. As for Jamaican films, I like Shottas.

H.P: Who or what do you cite as major inspirations  for your work?
C.B: Johnny Depp. He's my role model. He doesn't play the typical male role in his films. Its more interesting to watch an actor step outside of their zone.

H.P: How would you describe your film making process?
C.B: Long. But as long as I keep working, I'll definitely get where I want to be.

H.P:What experience do you have in other Art Forms?
C.B: I danced (Ballet) for 8 years (8yrs old to 16). I did Visual Art in High School (got a 2 in C.X.C) and I studied Performing Arts at Excelsior Community College. I performed in the 2007/2008 season of the LTM National Pantomime (Nuff An' Plenty), I played the role of Teneisha and a chorus member. I did a few more background acting in New York and Los Angeles.

H.P: What do you consider the elements of a good film?

C.BElements of a good film: The director, its good to know previous works of the director and his style.The cinematography - the lighting is very important, The different shots and camera angles. The plot, every good film needs a plot that makes sense. The actors - are they believable? And finally, the music! Make sure that each track suits each scene.

H.P: What was Cheleta like in H.S/University?
C.B:Cheleta who? Lol. I was very shy, was not outspoken at all. I was very active though, was a member of the cheer leading squad, karate, a few clubs. 

H.P: Finish the sentence ….. “I cannot live without my …….
C.B:"I cannot live without my blackberry". [smiles]

H.P: How do you pick your actors?
C.B:I pick my actors based on their potential to take my characters to another level.

H.P: Has film making improved in Jamaica ( in your opinion)
C.B: Well, honestly, Jamaica's film industry is limited. The film maker's need to be more creative and think outside of the box. I'm tired of seeing movies about ghetto life and guns.

H.P: What advice do you have for anyone interested in pursuing a film career?
C.B:Go for it! Once you have a dream, the possibilities are endless.

H.P: Where can readers view your films and learn more about you?
C.B: Right now there's a short film I wrote, directed and co-produced on YouTube. It was actually a school project. Check it out, MTI Class Project 2012. Also 'like' my fan page on facebook! 

Cheleta in 2007/2008 season of the LTM National Pantomime (Nuff An' Plenty)

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