Mission Catwalk Update : Episodes 2 and 3

Hi guys !!! How much do you love Mission Catwalk??? Well , for those of you who have been there from the beginning please help your friends to catch up with the episodes. For those of you who like hearing things straight from the horses mouth , here is just a quick update of last week and the week before that episodes ( please stay tuned for what happened last night).

Rebecca Stirm wins Mission Catwalk challenge with Belize-inspired design
Episode 2 :  Drawing on the Hispanic and Mayan influences in her country, 18 year-old Belizean fashion designer Rebecca Stirm emerged the winner in a culture-inspired challenge in the second episode of Caribbean fashion designer reality series Mission Catwalk, filmed in Kingston Jamaica.
Stirm and 14 other designers were instructed by host and executive-producer Keneea Linton-George to “create an outfit that reflects the style and culture” of their individual countries joined by “the common thread of independence.” The designers, who were given pointers from Season One winner Shenna Carby, had to apply their creativity within a short time frame and on a US$20 budget.
“I wanted a lot of material, so I looked in the curtain section,” said Rebecca. “I was able to get a lot of this very, very light; airy fabric for a little bit of money since we were on a tight budget. I added embroidery to give it some detail and intricacy.”
“Beautiful, dramatic, tasteful, stylish-I can feel the culture,” said Linton-George about Rebecca’s dress which also impressed judges -Jamaica Observer Lifestyle Editor, Novia McDonald Whyte; menswear designer Carlton Brown and guest judge, Trinidadian actress Nadia Khan.
Rebecca (who calls her label Fancy Purple Paint) was the first of the show’s designers to win a challenge as no winner was declared in the previous episode where five contestants went home.
The next best design came from Barbadian Kerin Scott’s skirt and top combo which reflected the laid back beach culture of her island and the blue and yellow of the national flag. Jamaican Janel Jolly created an African-inspired chic casual dress while Trinidadian Ryan Chan delivered his version of a modern sari.
Jamaicans Crystal Powell, Keshon Hawthorne, Maria King-Beadle, Natalie Rochester as well as Barbadian/Trinidadian Janelle Forde and Ryan Berkeley of Guyana were given the opportunity to continue to next week’s show for what Hawthorne aptly described as a “second chance”.
In the bottom four were Trinidadian Shannon Kwong and Gregory Williams, Shellane McFarlane and Kimbally Smith of Jamaica. The final two came down to Shellane and Kimbally and the latter was cut for his poor interpretation which according to McDonald-Whyte failed to impress.
Rebecca and the remaining 13 contestants are vying for JA$3 million in prizes including the chance to show at London Fashion Week.

Jamaican Crystal Powell wins on Mission Catwalk episode three
 Episode 3 : Jamaican Crystal Powell emerged the winner on the third episode of Caribbean fashion reality series Mission Catwalk where 14 regional designers had to create a modern garment inspired by the 1920’s “flapper” era.
The 25 year-old, whose design won her tickets to see Shaggy, Eve and Lauryn Hill live in concert, told judges that she drew inspiration from the economic landscape of the past and present:
“Most women could not afford the expensive corsets in the beginning of the turn of the century and in 2012 we are coming out of a recession so women are still budget-conscious. I wanted to make an affordable dress that looked expensive.”
Her floor length cream chiffon dress, lined in cream silk satin, was highlighted with plum-colored matte suede and gold fringe accents at the side and hips. The look was completed with a fascinator and mid-heel shoes.
The 1920’s era wasa time of liberation for the flapper woman, who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz, and scoffed at social and sexual norms of the day. The flapper dress was characterized by a straight, loose fit, dropped waist, bare arms and embellishments that would give the illusion of “flapping” while dancing.
Guest judge Barry Mondrieffe told Crystal, “It’s obvious you did your research. I love this dress very much.” Host and executive producer Keneea Linton-George remarked the garment “looked expensive,” while Jamaica Observer Lifestyle editor Novia Mcdonald-Whyte regarded the entire look as“perfect.”
Crystal and the other designers had a budget of JA$5000 (US$58) to work with-$3000 for fabric from Pablo’s and $2000 for items from Trimmings World. The next best design came from last week’s winner, Belizean Rebecca Stirm; followed by Barbadian Kesia Estwick whose appliqué dress sported an interesting chain fringe. Trinidad’s Ryan Chan rounded out the top four; and was complimented by McDonald-Whyte for his “great eye.”
Safe from elimination were Kerin Scott of Barbados, Shannon Kwong of Trinidad; Janelle Forde who represents countries and Jamaicans Janel Jolly, Shellane McFarlane and Gregory Williams.
In the bottom four were Natalie Rochester of Jamaica and Guyana’s Ryan Berkeley who were allowed to move on to the next episode; while Maria King-Beadle and Keshon Hawthorne were chastised by all judges including menswear designer Carlton Brown for going overboard. Maria, who admitted to not fully grasping the concept, saw her mission come to an end.
The 13 remaining designers, will on episode four, design a garment around a selection from Cinderalla Hats in their quest to grab JA$3 million worth of prizes including the chance to show at London Fashion Week 2012.
Tune in to Television Jamaica every Tuesday at 8:30 PM for the newest episode from Mission Catwalk Season 2, presented by NCB, Supreme Ventures and Digicel. For those in Trinidad the series airs Tuesdays at 9:30 PM on TV6. Mission Catwalk streams online at www.televisionjamaica.com/livetv

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