Maybelline "Baby Lips"

Hi Guys! Ladies!!! Have you seen the "Baby Lips" commercial by Maybelline?? So , there are a bunch of seemingly young kids jumping in and out ( idk why there is a male model in the shot) Anyway, i am here to tell you that the product actually works. We have been experiencing some crazy weather here in Jamaica where its rainy one minute , then sunny , then kinda windy and a tad chilly , annnnnd your lips must need some form of protection from this "inclement" weather.  As i said it works.  I actually bought this product in December of last year while in was in Tennessee ( where it gets really cold) because my lips began to chap and the regular chap stick wasn't that effective and i had to keep applying it like every 15 minutes or so. I actually saw the commercial on t.v , then went into K-Mart a few hours later and there it was right at the front of the store ..... like fate:-)

What i really love about this product is the packaging. Its packaged like lipstick , where theres that clear thing on the outside , then it winds up on a stick. Its also infused with SPF 20 protection and is clinically tested to moisturize lips for a full 8 hours!!! No joke , even if it "rubs off" its still keeping your lips moisturised. After using this product for 4 weeks , i noticed that my lips were "visibly" renewed. There were hella soft!! So so you know , it comes in Tinted( colored) and Clear. I use the #05 Quenched , in the picture above its that big sky blue one with the light pink writing. It goes on clear and it kinda smells like fruit loops  ( in my opinion). They are available at all department stores : Walmart K-Mart etc. For my Jamaican massive , you can find it at some beauty supply stores and high end pharmacies or you can always order it online from E-Bay or Amazon :-))

Check out this amazing before and after picture below
94% Less rough lips

82% Visibly less dry

77% Suppler

77% Better looking lips


  1. I really wanna get some but what do you mean it goes on clear? I thought it was chap stick that went on and colored your lips like lip stick.. ?? or over time does it turn that color?? Make an account or just sign in real quick with you facebook and leave a comment on my page please!! I really wanna get some and want answers..

  2. Hi Makayla .. i was actually talking about the one that i bought which goes on clear , there are however some that has colour but its not that bright ... and no the clear one does not turn into colour over time . I really hope this helps

  3. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I absoulutly love baby lips. my lips felt softer within an hour of using one. maybeline did a great job!


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