Manicure Monday : Ruffian Manicure

Hi Guys Happy Monday :-) It has been a rainy weekend in Jamaica but that did not stop me from giving you your weekly nail trend. This Monday it is all about the "Ruffian Manicure". What's that you might ask ... its simply the french manicure ... reversed. Instead of having that tip at the end of your nail , it is the other way around. This time , the "tip" is closer to the cuticle.

You will need :
  • Dark Nail Polish
  • Light Nail Polish

  1. Paint Your nails with the dark nail polish.
  2. Allow nails to dry (fully).
  3. Paint over your nails with the lighter nail polish. Paint it a little way down from that "rounded" part of your nail , and follow that rounded shape.
  4. Repeat this same process for the other hand , and you are done.

Check out the Tutorial on how to create your own "Ruffian Manicure", also check out these pictures below :-)

Images and Video may be subject to Copyright. I hope that i have inspired at least one person to go out and be creative :-)

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