How To : Dress For an Interview ( the refresher course)

Hi Guys! Seeing that Summer is almost here , i thought it made sense to do a post on dressing for an interview. I remember when i was going to University , they would have a "Dress for Success" day , and there was a fashion show , showcasing the proper outfits for an interview. I always thought to myself (aloud) " There is no way i would ever freaking wear those to an interview". I wanted to give those on the hunt for jobs an idea of how they can look professional , yet stylish.

What to wear for an interview, depends on your industry and the job you are pursuing. It is therefore of "utmost" importance that you research the job and try to find out what the people there wear. If you have to , go on the company website and try to find a gallery and see. If not , when you get the call for an interview , ask what the dress code is. You will not sound stupid. You will however look stupid if you walk into an Insurance company wearing Hooker Heels or into a bank dressed as Tarzan.



  • "They" always say , stick to neutral colours such as grey , brown or black. I personally think those colours are boring. So what I'll do is I'll wear like a black suit , with a red top underneath and red (closed) pumps. * Please invest in a dark colored pant/skirt suit*
  • Make sure your skirts are knee length or two inches below the knee. I'm pretty sure the interviewer will NOT want to see your oesophagus . ( A pencil skirt is stylish , yet professional , invest in a few)

  • If you opt for stockings , wear ones that are closer to your skin or a navy blues or black. No white ( its not a graduation). If you choose patterned stockings , find the ones that are simple and basic , the ones with multiple designs can read as too loud. And please no fishnets. This is not an audition at a strip club.
  • Make sure your clothing is properly ironed or steamed
  • No loud nail polishes. No "Dance hall nails". If you have any of these on , remove them!!

  • Stay away from noisy jewelry
  • Keep the make-up neutral and fresh.
  • Hairstyles should not be elaborate.


  • Make sure all facial hair is properly groomed. If you have a lot of hair on your head , please make sure it is neatly combed.
  • Wear a tie : Find one that goes well with your dress-shirt , or one that compliments your pants)

  • No jeans!! But invest in at least one pair of fitted not "toight" jeans for Casual Day :-)
  • Wear socks : Not thick white ones. Try to find the really nice silky ones in dark blue, black or brown.
  • Wear a belt!! Your belt should match your pants ( Please try to get them to match , it looks soooo much better)
  • Easy on the cologne

The way you present yourself in an interview says alot about you as a person , remember that the interviewer only knows about what you put on that paper for them to read ,so make sure to put yourself together nicely:-)

Feel free to ask me any more questions as i did a previous post similar to this and this is just basically a "refresher". Always remember to be confident :-)

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