Closet Freak : Tips and Tricks

Hi Guys ! On Monday of this week i did something kinda crazy , i was looking for a dress in my closet and realized it was nowhere to be found. I decided to take down all the clothes and see if it was there. That was incredibly stupid , i was like quarter way through and realized i had a "lot o crap". By the time i was finally finished it was like 45 minutes later , i looked on the bed , turned off the lights and went to watch Basketball wives lol. It was like 9:30 when i started to "clean-up" and i decided to work with a system. Here are the tips i came up with to help you guys with organizing a small closet.

  • Take down all the clothes ( this might take some time , but when you do this , not only will you find the "lost" items , but you'll get to decide what gets to stay and what gets to go.

  • The next step is to organize all your hangers by type ( plastic, wire, tubular and so on) After you've done all that , hang the clothing according to the type of hanger , it just looks more organised ( in my opinion) If you want to be really organised , color coordinate the hangers :-)

Hangers by type and Colour
  • Organize by type : Put all your tops together , dresses , skirts and so on

  • Organize by style : Longs sleeves, short sleeves , halter tops and so on

  • Color Coordinate : I used the Color Wheel to help me decide what color comes first ( if this method is too complicated for you , just go from darkest to lightest)
Color coordinating

  • Organize by texture : Sheer , cotton, spandex ( you can put all your prints together)

Organizing by Prints ( greys and blacks)

I sincerely apologize for the poor quality of the pictures in this post. Since this was a spontaneous type thing i had no access to the HD camera. However , i hope that this post still gave somebody an idea of how they can organize their small closet. If you have any other tips , don't be afraid to share , i looooooooooove hearing from YOU.

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