Behind the Seams : Lyric Rochester ( Jamaican Make- Up Artiste)

When i first saw pictures of work done by this talented young lady on her Facebook Page, i was extremely amazed at how flawless her make-up looked. This young lady made everyday make -up look like it had been airbrushed onto your face (auh mazing) With a personality as bright as the looks she creates, today Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with Lyric Rochester , Jamaican Make-up Artiste.

H.P: How long have you been a Make-up      Artiste?
Lyric: I've been a MUA for little over 3yrs.

H.P: When did you decide to turn this skill into your profession?
Lyric  :-) While I was in school actually.

H.P: What are your everyday Make-up essentials?
Lyric: Milk of Magnesia, eyebrow pencil, lighter color concealer, angled brush, sploolie, foundation, powder, wedge (whew, that's a lot LOL)

H.P: Do you prefer "High End " or "Drugstore" make-up?
Lyric: Hmmmm idk enuh, MOST things I use are drugstore, so I would say drugstore.

H.P: What are the essential items every "beginner" should have in their make- up bags?
Lyric: Foundation, Powder & Lip gloss. You can't go wrong, because not everyone is good with filling in, or reconstructing eyebrows, or blending eye shadows. So those three are perfect.

H.P: What was Lyric like in High school?
Lyric: LOLOLOL just as I am NOW! Hilarious, love run joke. I wasn't this aware of my femininity though, I was a tomboy lol smh. Big pants etc, mainly because I've always had an issue with my weight, so I tried to hide it.

H.P: Who are some of your favorite make-up artistes? How do they inspire the looks you create?
Lyric: Fav MUA: MissCheivous (YT) Kariwitch2 (YT) Petrilude (YT) LipSHOCK (YT) Goss (YT) Kolorfullkisses (YT) I just LOVE them!!! I can watch their videos for hours! They inspire me by just being me, because in my list of favs, they're diff nationality, skin color etc

H.P: Finish the sentence .. "I cannot live without my .....
Lyric: King Size Snickers Almond! LOL. Just kidding lololol ahhmmm ...... Oh darn, I should have read these over and over *covers face* ahmmm. I would say, my ............ Foundation, powder, eyebrow pencil, spoolie, angled brush and my lighter color concealer OR foundation. that's a FULL face for me right there LOL

H.P: Liquid or Powder Foundations?
Lyric: NEITHER, unless you are about talking Cream to powder like a Black Opal (which is ALL I use woot woot) consistency.

H.P: Tell us about your most awkward beauty moment?
Lyric: OMG! Ok, so my nose contour wasn't a secret after about 2hrs. EVERYBODY could see it -_- smh. It wasn't the blending, I just applied waaayy tooo much LOL

H.P:  The first time you did a paying job for a customer ... what was that like?
Lyric: HORRIBLE! I was embarrassed. It wasn't blended. I wasn't confident, and people I was doing, gave the other MUA googly eyes -__- I was EMBARRASSED lol smh.

H.P: What words of encouragement/advice
 do you have for aspiring Make up Artists ..
Lyric: Be yourself! In the same breath understand the boundaries, its a business, treat it as such. And let your creativity guide you :-)

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Check out  Lyrics' fan-page on Facebook at Jamaican Make-up Artiste and search for her on Youtube (Same Name) She is super nice and will answer any questions you might have related to makeup.


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