Behind the Seams : Dres Henri (Fashion Illustrator)

Fashion? Design? Draw? Paint? The Fashion Industry is a broad industry that has so many exciting careers to offer. "Finding the Right work is like discovering your own soul in the world" - Thomas Moore , Poet Balladeer. Today, Haute People goes "Across the pond" , to go "Behind the Seams" with London based Fashion Illustrator , Dres Henri. Dres is a Fashion Illustrator for up and coming Designer labels, websites and magazines and has also been featured in numerous fashion sites and blogs.

"Fashion Illustration is the communication of Fashion that starts with Illustration such as drawing and painting"

H.P: How long have you been in the Fashion Industry?
D.H: Been in the Fashion Industry for over 10/12 years now,started off as a Fashion Designer for about 8 years then decided to work behind the scenes with my 1st love which is Illustration.

H.P: The Fashion Industry is such a broad field ...Why illustration?
D.H: Behind every great recording artist is a great producer.Every fashion collection starts with illustration designs.Besides all that my artwork is the main reason why I got into fashion college {London College Of Fashion} in the 1st place.

H.P: What was DRES like in High School/University?
D.H: Haven't changed much; Fun,Vibrant & Focused!!

H.P: What inspires your designs?
D.H: My artwork is inspired by all the elements of the earth; Shapes,Colours,Music & People. It Doesn't take much for me to start a new body clothing collections. For the most part ,its mainly me competing with the man in the mirror.Challenging myself to the next level.

H.P: In what ways is London Fashion different from Caribbean Fashion?
D.H: The difference between Caribbean & English Fashion is mainly based on the vibe,generated by the weather. London fashion is a more Inner city Lifestyle while the Caribbean is more free & easy.That fun laid back vibe!!

H.P: What is your signature piece?
D.H: Despite the fact that I illustrate collection of clothes, I also have a whole new portfolio called 'Fashion Art',Which consists of just Accessories. No colour  just fine-line artwork.

H.P: Briefly walk us through the design process.
D.H:The process of my artwork usually starts with a rough sketch of a garment then gets develop into a collection.

H.P: Finish the sentence...I cannot live without my...
D.H: I cannot live without my Pencil / Pen & Drawing Pad!!

H.P: Where can we find these pieces?
D.H: You can mostly find my pieces on fashion illustration websites like; Artists & Illustrators,NINETEEN74 & Fashion Industry Networking.

If you have an idea in mind for a unique design and you are not good at sketching , you can link with Dres Henri on his website below

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