What I'm Watching this Season

Sooo , i watch a lot of t.v and I'm really not ashamed. You know there are "computer people " , "music people" and "t.v people"... I'm a t.v person:-)

Here is what I'm watching this season:

Gossip Girl

Spotted : Blair Waldorf !!! This season Blair got married to her "Prince Charming" who turned out to be her frog , then she fell in love with "Lonely boy" after-which Chuck had an "Epiphany" , then Serena got Jealous. Oh yeah , and Georgina came back !!! The only thing i didn't like is the "new Blair and new Chuck" .. They are too ... nice

Switched at Birth 

Initially , i didn't think I'd like this show . I really thought it would be one of those predictable weird show about kids being switched at birth. I must say , this is not predictable at all. Yes they have the storyline where you have a rich kid and a poor kid , but both families are filled with dark secrets and drama ...oooooooohhhh

One tree Hill

I must be honest , I've been watching this show from high school. However i missed last season . I think it changed since Chad Michael Murry came out . ( He was like the King of Teeny -Bop Movies) , so when he left , his "followers "left as well. I like this season though , i am literally at the edge of my seat with each episode. And its remarkable to see the lengths to which Dan will go to protect his loved ones.

  • Americas Next Top Model ( British Invasion)
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • The Amandas
  • Big Rich Texas
  • Basketball Wives
  • The Game 
  • Parks and Recreation
  • The Voice
  • Jane by Design


I swear ... this show gets better every week. I think it will be Katherine McPhees' breakout hit, shes been on other projects that has not been so .. successful. If you like Glee you'll love this, its like the fun adult version , where they actually get paid for performing.
    There is nothing on MTV i like this season. I was like " an MTV Junkie" throughout High School and University , but ever since "The Hills" ended i find there is nothing good going on. I heard people talking about "The Challenge : Battle of the Exes " , but I've seen all the challenges and there is really nothing special. Paula is like the new "Coral". She is on every season. And I'm surprised they didn't bring back "Pretty Boy Kenny" , maybe they did , but i wouldn't know because i don't watch it. There are other shows i watch , but these are the ones i watch the most.

    What are some of your favorite shows this season?

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