Scents of a Man

"They say scent is a lingering memory". Socrates believed that men should wear different scents from women. When asked what a man should smell of , he replied  "of gentle-manliness, by Zeus! I love it when a man smells good. If he is a poor dresser , "im affi smel gud' [ he has to smell good". Here are my top 5 favorite scents for men.

5. David Beckham "HOMME" -Ginger , pepper and cashmere. It also has a clean floral scent that is not too "sporty"

4. Burberry Brit -A hint of nutmeg, woods and gray musk and of course Flowers :-))

3. Axe : "Bam chikka wa wa " , its just how dirty boys get clean. It has a really airy smell that lingers on and on

2. Lacoste ( eau de lacoste ... blanc edition) Hmmm , one word Y-U-M-M-Y #thatisall

1. Issey Miyake - I have no idea what they put in this one , it just smells really good. This one made me understand "Diffusion".

So those are my top 5 favorite scents for men. Ladies!! what do you like to smell on a man? Men what is your favorite cologne?

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