Pink Slime : What it Really is

If you are a person who read alot or use the Internet alot, you would have been seeing a lot of articles on Pink Slime. What i wanna do is break down what this is , in the "layman term", the simplest term everybody can understand. I was actually listening to a popular radio personality just now and he was discussing what it is. I must warn you , this might be a long post , because what I'll do is define key terms.

"Pink Slime" is an Ammonia treated meat in a bright pink "Pepto Bismol " colour. So the meat turns pink when the Ammonia is dropped on it. The type of meat used is "Ground Beef" which comprises of "beef scraps , cow connective tissue and other beef trimmings. This ground beef is the same type of meat used to make Hamburgers. As many of you may or may not know , Food , falls under two categories : Perishable ( foods such as meat , that won't last for a very long time unless refrigerated , like meat ) and Non- Perishable ( Food that have a longer "shelf" life , like canned goods .In order to preserve the beef , what they'll do is treat it with Ammonium Hydroxide to kill pathogens like Salmonella and E Coil . I bet many of you are thinking just that name alone "sounds dangerous ", "Ammonium Hydroxide".  Hydroxide is that substance used mainly in household cleaning agents. After it has been treated then they'll blend it into the ground beef and hamburger patties.

The microbiologist Carl Custer basically said that after all that has been added to the beef , they observed it and it had no nutritional value and it was basically no longer meat. Also , the Ammonium Hydroxide has the potential of turning into Ammonium Nitrate, the same substance used to make bombs .. Imagine that .. its like you'd be walking around with a time bomb in your stomach . It can leads to various Cancers.

The concern in the U.S is that fast food restaurants that serve meat type stuff have stopped using "Pink Slime" , and it has now been taken up by some school Cafeterias. Parents of course are worried that this is harmful to their children. How do you feel about "Pink Slime? My opinion , it is Friday and my dinner usually comes from Burger King . I guess it will have to kill me .

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