Manicure Monday : Teal is Queen

Hi Guys!! Happy Happy Monday!! It is the start of a new week. Here's my challenge to you : for today just "act as if". Act as if : "You are the C.e.o of where you work": Act as if : "You have accomplished all your goals". Get it? Anyhoo , today  it is all about Teal. Teal is that blueish-green colour known to be quite detrimental if used for weddings ( according to J.lo in "The Wedding Planner). Seeing that we are embarking on Spring , we have been seeing a lot of bright bold colours. Good news is ... according to the fashion experts , this colour will go well into Summer. In my opinion i think Teal nail polish is cool , fun and fresh. If you are looking to add some "Spring" to your step ... try Teal Nail Polish:-)). Check out the pictures and this video that i posted below.

Teyanna Taylor Rocks it!! Remember that girl from "My Super Sweet 16" who wanted to have that roller skate rocker 80s type party , then she got a "pimped out special edition bicycle". Yes her. She's actually a Rapper/Dancer .

You know i could not do a trending post and not have Rihanna on here right?

The Video you are about to see , this person mixed the teal with black , just to create an edgier look. If you want you can also mix it up a little, by adding even Glitter.

Disclaimer : All images and video may be subject to Copyright.

I hope that i have inspired at least ONE person to go out and be creative today. Always be confident :-))

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