Manicure Monday: The Sky is Blue

Hi guys ! Happy Monday!!! Like i say every week , it is the start of a brand new week , so forget about all the bad stuff that happened last week.

This is the only Monday i am allowing you to be Blue:-) I have been seeing a lot of blue nails , like "Alot , Alot". If you wanna be on point with this trend , stick to the light icier blues. If you have a dark blue nail polish you can even make your own light blue shade by adding drops of your white nail polish , until it reaches your desired shade :-)

This trend is hot, new , fresh and fun. The best part is you can do it at home all by yourself in less than 5 minutes. It is so simple , I'm not even gonna put up steps today.

I know that this was a relatively short post , but i hope that i have encouraged at least one person to go out and be creative.

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