Jamaica Peoples Choice Hair Contest 2012

In November of last year at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Beauticians and Beauty lovers were invited to the "Bijoux Hair Show" brought to you by Beauty Elements. This March, Beauty Elements will bring to us "The Jamaica Peoples Choice Hairstyling Contest. This will be an online contest and beauticians will be able to showcase their talents in four (4) categories: Weaving Formal, Weaving Fantasy, Braiding Formal and Braiding Fantasy. Here is how you can enter :

  • Make your own hairstyle based on one of the named categories using BIJOUX HAIR, any BIJOUX hair of your choice.
  • Take 4 pictures: 2 Hair pictures ( meaning you take 2 pictures of your finished hairstyle, but from different angles, for example, a front view and a side view. The third picture should be of you and your model, and the fourth picture should display the packs of BIJOUX hair you used.
You would then go to www.bijouxhair.com/contest, Register and Upload all four pictures. The period for submission is up until the 18th of March. I know it might seem like it is a bit late, but all you need to do is get your friends, family and even your enemies to vote for you. This website is not just limited to Jamaica so others will be voting as well.

The best part is that there are some really sweet prizes. Beauty Elements will choose the 12 most voted contestants to go to award night, which will be held at the Altamont Court Hotel in Kingston Jamaica. There is no cost for admission, it is absolutely free to the public.

See you at the Jamaica Peoples' Choice Hairstyling Contest on "Awards Night".

Check out these pictures of the contestants so far :

To vote, you'd have to visit the same website www.bijouxhair.com/contest

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