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Hi Guys !! T.G.I.F!!!Did you know that wearing the wrong bra can be detrimental to how we look in our clothing? An ill fitting bra can also lead to severe back and shoulder pain. I know sometimes as women, we were told by our mother or some other female that we wear a 34b or whatever size you do, then as our bodies start to grow and change , we'd simply just go up a size or two. I have news for you ... that is soooo wrong!! There is a proper way to know your true bra size instead of buying any old bra ("that works").  Lets be honest here .. How many times have you seen a woman in a really nice top or dress , then you are like " If only she had worn a better bra" , its not that her bra is old and dirty , its apparent that her boobs and gravity were involved in some sort of war .. and gravity won. So here are some quick tips to select the right bra:

  1. Get Measured - Go to a Department Store where they have knowledgeable people with tape measures. In Jamaica , that would be Lees and Ammars or any Lingerie store. If there are no stores like that in your area ... go to YouTube and look up videos on "finding your bra size". A simple measurement is done by using a tape measure to measure your chest, right under your boobs. This is to check the band width. (Pretty much like the diagram below) 

2.  Simply round off all fractional numbers to the nearest whole number. For example , if you get 27 1/2 , find the nearest whole number. (Sounds like mathematics , but its really simple) . The Final number you get , simply add 3 inches. If you place the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust , you should get back the whole number ( that's if you did it correctly). The tape measure should be parallel to the floor , it also should not cinch or twist around you , it should fit comfortably. Like the diagram below.

I know if you try this exercise you'll probably say " That is sooo wrong ... my boobs aren't that small/big!!! Remember , you were wearing the Wrong Bra all  Along :-) Most stores should have a bra chart showing measurements in each country (us,uk and eur)

Check out this video , brought to you by "Daily Candy". 

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  1. My mom got me measured like every year in VS whether I grew or not.


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