D-I-Y : Necklace Hanger

Hi Guys ... i hope you challenged yourselves yesterday by doing my "act as if". I know it has been a while since i spoke about "Wardrobe Building" As i always say , a wardrobe is not just limited to clothing ... there are also shoes accessories and of course the "tools" you use to store all your precious items. As women we have necklaces and sometimes they get really tangled , especially that one time you might be late and you just need that one special necklace to set off your outfit. The solution i have came from my own experience. I was going out one day and i wanted to wear this really long beaded necklace , but to my dismay , it was tangled with the other chain necklaces and i was sooooo frustrated i just took them all down , literally "flung" them off the dresser and on to the ground. This must stop!!!! i said. So here is what i did.

You will need :

A wooden surface ( a bookshelf will work)
Cable Clips

1. On the base of your bookshelf , you simply take your hammer and drive the little nail onto that part that projects outwards.

2. Turn that little part of the cable clip that resembles a hook upwards.

3. Hang your favorite necklaces :-))

Your finished Necklace Hanger should look like the picture below.

I found that i was not able to add all my necklaces , so what i did was hang the longer ones that i know is susceptible to tangling and also the short heavy statement one i got from "Forever21". This is a great inexpensive way to store your necklaces. Oh!!! The Cable Clips are available at Hardwares:-)))

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