D-I-Y : Earring Holder !!

Hi guys! This is another quick post. OK! So, do you have a lot of earrings and have run out of storage? Well, I am here to solve that little problem! "But how ?" you might ask .. Well all you need are two very simple things.

You will Need :

  • Tubular Hanger ( regular plastic / or wire hanger )
  • A scarf ( preferably one made of a woolly material ( that's kinda see-through)

Here is how :
  1.  Simply take a scarf you no longer use and wrap it over the base of the hanger. You would wrap it the same way you hang pants.
  2. In order for the hanger to be efficient, simply hang it on a nail or hook in your room.
  3. Place your all your favorite earrings on it. If you want to be neat, you can hang them by shape, texture or color.
Its that simple:-) I'll really try to do more D-I-Y posts like this. Not only is D-I-Y stuff a great fun way to express yourself, but you will find that when you do things for yourself, You have a lot more extra money to buy more stuff. Your new Earring hanger should look something like the pictures below.

If you have those really small earrings (knobs) obviously those won't be able to hang. So I placed them on the original store earring holder, then! I tied it on with that stringy thread like part :-) ( last pic to the bottom right)

I hope that I have inspired at least one person to go out and be creative today:-)


  1. Thanks for sharing this, I love it! I was looking around at jewelry storage boxes etc but this is so much better and it looks pretty too. I'll just use a scarf to match the room and it'll be done :)

  2. I'm Really glad you liked it :-) Enjoy making your own :-)

  3. I love this idea am sooo going to keep my earrings this way :)
    Thank you soo much


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