A Brush of Class

Hi Guys ! T.G.I.F!!! This one is just for the ladies :-) If you are one of those girls who visit Beauty Supply stores quite regularly, i am sure you would have seen various types of brushes. There are round ones , square ones and even rectangular ones.You probably have no idea what they are for and "why dem luk suh" [ why do they look like that] As always , i am here to help with that little dilemma . I've decided to focus on four brushes :

Paddle Brush

The paddle brush has a broad square base and has strong bristles, which give a smooth finish , which is also ideal for de-tangling and straightening hair.

Vent Brush

This brush has more of a rectangular base. It also has strong bristles ideal for reducing static. The vents allow air to pass through for faster styling. This brush is also great for de-tangling wet or dry hair.

Round Brush

As the name suggests, the base of this brush is round or barrel shaped . This brush is used to add volume and beautiful loose curls is used while blow drying. This brush will help you achieve a "Salon ready look".

Cushion Brush

This brush has a kind of  an oval shaped base. It is great for everyday use and is also used to add sheen to your hair. This is the most common type of brush used. It may also have hard or soft bristles.

Of course when purchasing brushes , you should also consider your "hair type" and also what style you are trying to achieve.

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