Britney on the X-Factor : To Judge or Not to Judge

As many of you might have already known, Britney Spears was offered 10 million dollars 3 weeks ago to be a Judge on "X Factor". They thought of Britney because the network needs a big name superstar to boost their audience. However , Britney is considering being a regular performer in Las Vegas kinda like Celine Dion. There have been talks that Britney's camp is negotiating 20 million to get her to come on to the show ( that has still not been confirmed ) . I think Britney would make a great judge , she would appeal to a younger audience , plus she has her own fans from back in the day ( like myself) who would just watch to see their singer back in the limelight. It could be the greatest show on t.v !!! Did you know that when Paula Abdul served as a judge on the same show , she was only paid a mere 2.5 mil? Yup , if you want a big star , i guess you gotta pay them the big bucks ... like 20 million.

Do you think Britney will make a good judge?

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