Behind the Seams : Nicole Harris

"The rarest things in the world , next to a spirit of discernment , are diamonds and pearls" -Jean de la Bruyere (French Essayist)
It takes a certain flair to create the ultimate fashion accessory. Today, Haute People goes "Behind the Seams", with Jamaican born Jewellery designer "Nicole Harris-Williams.

H.P: When /How did you get into Jewellery Design?
N.H: My line was established in April 2009. I did some basic Jewellery studies at Edna Manley College.

 H.P: What was Nicole like in High school?
 N.H: (chuckles) Nicole was veeerrryyy quiet in school but also very hardworking and conscious.

H.P: What inspires your pieces?
N.H: I usually take a look at the beads first and then the designs come intuitively to me.

H.P: How would you describe/define your line?
N.H: Eclectic but tasteful, absolutely no mass production. Every woman should have that unique piece of jewellery to call her own.

H.P: You also teach Art ... how important is an Artistic  background in Jewellery Design?
N.H: Extremely important! because a thorough knowledge of Art is what separates the intuitive artists from the experts.

H.P: Your designs are Reminiscent of Jamaican Culture .. Why not expand to a more global Market?
N.H: I am still thinking about it. We'll see (smiles) Thanks for the compliment.

H.P: Are diamonds really a girls best friend?      N.H: Not mine (laughs out loud)

H.P: Harry Winston or Micheal Kors?
N.H: Neither, I like to keep things simple.

H.P: Finish the sentence .. I cannot live without my ....
N.H:Water and light (laughs out loud)

H.P: Where can we find your pieces?
N.H: Reach me via FB @ Nickabooh Accessories( fan page) or e-mail me at

H.P: Any other artistic talents?
N.H: PLENTY! Painting, singing, poetry writing and the list goes on.

Check out these pictures below of Jewellery by By "Nickaboo".

To get your hands on these pieces and many more by Nicole , check out her Facebook Fan-page at Nickaboo Accessories or e-mail her at

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