Wacky Wednesday!!

It is time for your weekly dose of things that are straight up "Wacky". Today, i have decided to not look very far . I was on a particular website when i saw a very sophisticated and lady like trend being ... let me just say nicely " worn really poorly".  I usually don't use pictures like this of "real people" , but this needs to stop.

Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhy would they take these nice leggings and wear them like this ? Ladies , leggings are supposed to make you look Sophisticated and Polished . If you are in doubt ... watch Gossip Girl .. i saw it one time on TVJ so all is not lost.

See! look how nice "Blair" looks as she takes a stroll in N.Y with "Chuck Bass".

Disclaimer : This picture was not posted to insult anyone. It was used as an example of how to "not" wear leggings.

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