No more Mutty

I know that most people are grieving the loss of Whitney Houston ( my greatest condolences to her family , friends and well wishers) . However , today i thought it made sense to do a brief post on one of Jamaica's own controversial radio host , Wilmot "Mutty" Perkins.

Perkins was born in the parish of Portland , Jamaica and started his career in 1960 on RJR. The first show he hosted was "Whats your Grouse ". The programmes he hosted were all "call ins" , where callers described him as a "spirited" host . People could relate to his programmes because they were deemed as " The poor man's University". 

Did you know that Perkins was sued 28 times? For slander and libel , and he was even sued by Prime Minister Michael Manley and Gordon "Butch" Stewart ? However , all these cases were tried and eventually dropped by the Plaintiffs.

Perkins died at the age of 80 at 1 am on February 10, 2012 in his St. Andrew home and is succeeded by his wife Elaine of 56 years and his two grandsons Jamie and Eden.

A Nation is saddened as we morn the loss of a great pioneer of the Jamaican airwaves.

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