Manicure Monday : Polka Dot Nails

Hi Guys , Happy Monday :-)) Last week i was looking through Kendall Jenners'  Instagram Pictures once again , and she had the cutest Polka Dot nails :-) . When you have a chance you should check out her Instagram pictures , she always has the cutest nails. I have posted a simple "how to" guide below , as well as some pictures. This is super easy to do , and i guarantee that you could probably do this with one eye closed :-)

Step 1 : Start with a solid color for your base coat. As i explained before , the base coat is simply the color that serves as the "base" , hence the  name. It is the color you paint on first before you do any of those fancy designs.

Step 2 : You can either use a white nail art pen , a toothpick or any small tubular object  ( that you are good with) to simple paint on dots . While you are making these dots , think of a ladybird.

Step 3 : To finish off the look , simply use your clear nail polish as the top coat to give your nails that glossy salon finish.

Step 4 : Let nail dry , then wear with your favorite outfit.

There is also an alternative look for the daring fashionistas , which is , to add the Polka dots to Tips :-)

I hope i have inspired at least ONE person to go out and try this look and be creative. Above all , be confident.

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